Our society provides for global solution of common catering through manufacture and issue of meals right at the client´s business site or through delivery of either warm or cooled meals from our nearest premises.


 Catering operation covers all processes related to manufacture or issue of meals. It concerns especially with import and storage of food or main dishes, cooking or recovery of food, issue and sale of supplies, cleaning, washing up etc.


 As a matter of course special attention must be taken to personnel policy and choice of suitable staff being ready to actively communicate with clients and to manage operation in required quality. We most often implement firm catering of staff as well as public catering in such segments as industry, health service, educational system, administrative centres.


Within complex backup of operation of the industrial premises or administration building we shall take over care for operation of canteens including their personnel, supply, sale of snack itself, maintenance and cleaning.


We provide completely for catering actions covering small rauts, receptions or banquets up to grand actions for hundreds of visitors. 


On-line ordering of main dishes